As with athletes in all sports, bodybuilders devote a great deal of time and dedication to their sport. They train rigorously and push the limits of their bodies to attain their goal.

And like all athletes, they are always looking for that “edge” which will bring them greater success. The edge can be a change in technique, an improved piece of equipment, a focus on different personal training strategy.

Or, that edge can be a dietary supplement that has amazed the bodybuilding community with the benefits it has brought to the sport.

That edge? Spirulina.

A High Intensity Food

It’s a given that athletes need extra nutrition. Modern diets don’t always contain the nutrients that athletes depend on. Many have begun to use so-called “super foods” to supplement their diet.

Spirulina is one of those foods. It is a high intensity food perfectly suited for high intensity training. It contains GLA which is known to stimulate prostaglandins, master hormones which regulate every cell of the body, including heart, skin, circulation and musculature. Correct prostaglandin levels are necessary for good health and performance.

Proteins are essential for proper endurance training and are needed to regenerate body tissue, providing the framework for muscles, tendons and blood hemoglobin. Spirulina offers bodybuilders 65% protein, easy to digest and low in fat. Before competition, spirulina gives an energy boost with sustaining power. Taken before meals, it can satisfy appetite and help reduce caloric intake, essential for maintaining competitive weight.

Spirulina and Olympic Athletes

Chinese and Cuban Olympic athletes have used spirulina for years to improve performance. Chinese trainers report it improves recovery for all athletes and boosts the immune system. This allows these athletes to intensify training, something for which they are renown.

Cuban athletes have used spirulina since the 1996 Olympic games so athletes could intensify training. Its runners have consumed spirulina for many years.

It helps create and mend muscle mass and helps the athletes retain iron. Spirulina prevents anemia because it has ten times more iron than spinach. Some marathoners consume 8 grams daily for endurance and to ward off cramping. Spirulina helps eliminate carbon dioxide faster, so the muscles get oxygen faster. When training increases appetite, its nutrition helps curb hunger pangs.

Digestible Natural Protein

Digestible Natural Protein
The human body absorbs spirulina more efficiently than other foods and provides digestible natural protein quickly, which allows it to a supply an energy boost immediately. And its protein contains important amino acids, which other nutritious foods, such as beans, do not possess.

Spriulina is a solid alternative to the amount of traditional protein needed to build muscle. It can be a more convenient protein choice than a giant steak or plate of chicken, and can be an excellent source of intense protein.

Spirulina's Benefits For Bodybuilders


There are a number of reasons the bodybuilding community has embraced spirulina:

  • Enhanced performance & increased endurance
  • Restored energy
  • Reduced fatigue
  • Reduced muscle cramping
  • A General feeling of good health
  • Healthier skin, hair, and nails
  • Protection against infections and disease
  • Boosted immune system